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Platon Iurie

Memories, oil on canvas, 180x160, 2001

Kidnapping the legend, oil on canvas, 240x130, 2001

The Little Cannibal, oil on canvas, 100x100, 1999

The Nymph, bronze, 43x16x14, 2000

Composition, bronze, 28x15x12, 2000

An Impulse, porcelain, 60x25x25, 1994

The Mountains of Chisinau, porcelain, 40x10x10, 35x10x10, 35x20x15, 10x20x10, 1994

The Tree of Life, ceramic, 180x60x60, 1992

Regrets of the Fall, ceramic, 45x25x15, 1992

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Chisinau, Moldova, 2001-2002
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