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Fisticanu Veaceslav

Structure. Chaos-Order, acrylic, canvas, 1.10x90, 2002

Signature H-O, acrylic, canvas, 90x90, 2002

Spontaneous Multiplication, acrylic, canvas, 90x90, 2002

Structure. Chaos-Order no.4, oil on canvas, 156x112, 2000

Structure. Chaos-Order, oil on canvas, 114x90, 1999

Chaos and Order. Square, oil on canvas, 90x90, 1992

Determination of Chaos, oil on canvas, 120x79.5, 1999

Chaos - Order. Circle, oil on canvas, 70x70, 2000

Determination of Chaos no.9, 153x92, 1999

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